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Resolian UK and Europe
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Up to 18,000 samples analysed monthly
>2,750m² dedicated laboratory

50+ years bioanalytical services
25 years of experience in regulatory inspections across GLP, GCP and cGMP
130+ dedicated scientists

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BAS Overview

Bioanalytical Solutions - Bioanalytical Testing Services in Europe

One of the world’s largest CRO bioanalytical centres based in Fordham, UK.

Resolian UK and Europe is recognised for leadership in science and technology, we have comprehensive capabilities for pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity and biomarkers that span LC-MS/MS through to immunoassay, cell and molecular biology. 

We routinely solve difficult method development challenges and, as your development progresses from discovery through to GLP preclinical and to GCP clinical trials, we have the capacity, rapid turnaround and logistics needed to support the largest, most complex protocols.

Bioanalytical Contract Research Laboratory with expert bioanalytical services, including:

  • pharmacokinetic (PK) and toxicokinetic (TK) analysis
  • immunogenicity assessment
  • biomarker studies and biomarker services

LC-MS Bioanalysis

Immunoassay Bioanalysis


Protein LC-MS Centre of Excellence

Over 10 year’s experience in various extraction and purification techniques to help you achieve the required levels of sample cleanliness and sensitivity.

LGC DDS COE Immunogenicity

Immunogenicity Centre of Excellence

Immunogenicity solutions for pre-clinical and clinical assessments

LGC DDS COE Biomarker

Biomarker Centre of Excellence

Our expert biomarker teams support non-clinical and clinical biomarker method development, validation and sample analysis.

Bioanalytical Case Studies

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