High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR-MS)

State-of-the-art High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Built on our industry leading 50+ years’ experience of providing bioanalytical services and 20+ years working to GLP and GCP, we have continued to invest in the latest High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR-MS) technology, bringing you solutions to your bioanalytical challenges.

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High Resolution Mass Spectrometry – Why is it beneficial?

  • Reduced background noise and interference can allow lower detection limits to be achieved and generation of more robust data
  • With a more selective mass-based detection, sample preparation techniques can be simplified, leading to faster method development and more robust assays
  • Acquisition of full scan data enables faster MS optimisation and the ability to interrogate data post-run for enhanced troubleshooting ability
  • High resolution allows for the intact analysis of proteins, informing on their in vivo catabolitic fate

How can HR-MS add value to your drug development programme?

Our specialist LC-MS team have extensive experience in the development of novel assays using HR-MS technology. To find out how this can benefit your drug development programme, we created a series of presentations on the value it can bring:

HR-MS for the CRO We look at the benefits and challenges of high res mass spectrometry for the CRO

Small Molecule Bioanalysis - Time to Saddle a New Workhorse? Is it time for the traditional workhorse for small molecule quantitation to be put out to pasture?

HR-MS for large molecule quantification We explore whether high resolution mass spectrometry can challenge the ‘Gold Standard’ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for quantitative bioanalysis within the CRO environment.

We have also participated in Bioanalysis Zone’s Spotlight and In the Zone features:

Integrated support from early discovery to late phase clinical trials

Beyond our specialist HR-MS experience, our dedicated LC-MS team offers integrated support from early discovery to late phase clinical trials advising you on the regulations applicable to your project.

Our integrated services include:

  • Fast method development for discovery compounds
  • Method development and validation for GLP TK studies and GCP clinical trials
  • Fast turnaround for Phase I Clinical Studies
  • Pharmacokinetic data analysis using validated software systems (e.g. WinNonlin)
  • Logistical support for clinical sample management including sample collection kit production production and supply of sampling kits, labels, investigator manual and shipping
  • Data management using LIMS or specialist software