We Are Resolian

Resolian UK and Europe

Global contract research organization (CRO) supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies with specialized bioanalytical and analytical sciences solutions.

Alliance Pharma and Drug Development Solutions (acquired in 2022 from LGC) are now operating under the name Resolian.

Proven expertise.
Worldwide access.

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Bioanalytical Solutions


Resolian Fordham

Our UK-based bioanalytical services CRO supports you from early discovery to late phase clinical trials. 

We routinely solve difficult method development challenges and, as your development progresses from discovery through to GLP preclinical and to GCP clinical trials, we have the capacity, rapid turnaround and logistics needed to support the largest, most complex protocols.

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Analytical Sciences

Resolian Fordham and Resolian Sandwich

From our UK-based cGMP labs, our scientists partner with you to provide a consultative, flexible and dependable solution for the development, validation, and application of testing methods.

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LGC elemental impurity & inorganic testing