Health and Safety Policy


This business policy defines the commitment Resolian makes to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of Resolian employees and visitors. 


This business policy applies to all employees and all Resolian sites.

Business Policy

It is the policy of Resolian to establish and maintain good standards of health and safety, to reduce risk, prevent occupational injury, and promote good health for all Resolian employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites.

We achieve this by complying with all relevant health & safety legislation as well as establishing, continuously monitoring, and improving our own working practices and procedures to minimise health and safety risks.

All Resolian executives, managers and leaders play a critical role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Resolian employees within their area of responsibility and must lead by example when it comes to safety. In addition, every employee is responsible for the successful implementation of this policy, and they will be provided with induction and refresher health and safety training to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities.

Excellence in health and safety has its foundation in the personal and visible commitment and involvement of every person within the organisation. We recognise that working together safely is not only a condition of employment, but also makes good business sense and helps support the growth of our business.


To implement this policy, Resolian will:

  • Establish and maintain regional health and safety procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable local health and safety legislation, as well as our own health and safety standards and working practices where applicable
  • Identify and evaluate health and safety risks within our operations by conducting appropriate assessments, and either eliminate or control these to as low as reasonably practicable, with the aim of achieving zero occupational injuries or illness. Risk assessments will be periodically
  • Set targets for continuous improvement and implement and resource occupational health and safety management programmes that address any identified significant risks
  • Investigate all serious accidents, near misses, and incidents and take appropriate corrective action to prevent Monitor and periodically report trends and findings to the Resolian Corporate Team
  • Provide suitable and sufficient training and education to ensure Resolian employees are aware of their responsibilities and have the necessary skills and competencies to carry out their role safely
  • Maintain Resolian facilities and equipment in good safe working order, with any repair work done by appropriately qualified personnel
  • Assess the health and safety impact of new equipment and changes to working practices by working with suppliers, contractors and Resolian employees to achieve continuous improvement throughout the organisation
  • Maintain good relations with industry bodies, government agencies, business partners, local communities, employee representatives and clients to remain aware of developing issues, increase knowledge and promote high standards of health and safety
  • Operate a programme of audits, inspections, and monitoring to establish adequate control and ensure legislative compliance, reporting key findings to the local site management team
  • Where the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been identified through risk assessment, this will be provided to employees free of charge
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the health and safety management system, maintaining its effectiveness considering regulatory changes and providing a framework for setting and reviewing health and safety objectives and targets

All Resolian employees and contractors working on any of our sites are required to adhere to our health and safety requirements and to be aware of the contents of this policy.