Quality Policy

This document requires that all DDS sites employ Quality Management Systems in accordance with the regulatory requirements. This policy is intended to ensure our services consistently meet the requirements, expectations and interests of our customers, staff, shareholders and the wider community.

DDS is dedicated to assuring the quality, reliability and consistency of its services, by ensuring they are developed and delivered in line with applicable requirements via the implementation of appropriately verified procedures and methods, carried out by trained and competent staff. DDS’ processes provide assurance for the sourcing of fit for purpose materials, services, instruments and equipment along with ensuring compliance with appropriate storage and shipment requirements. DDS’ Quality Management Systems ensure that, where appropriate, measurements are traceable to National and International Standards through an unbroken chain of comparisons.

DDS is committed to continuous improvement in quality and efficiency through the

implementation of local procedures and operations based upon quality assurance. This commitment is demonstrated through DDS’ certification and compliance to quality regulations. DDS’ Quality Management Systems provide the framework for setting and reviewing Quality objectives and targets.

DDS innovates and applies scientific knowhow to ensure the safety and integrity of products and services.

This Quality Policy is communicated to all employees and made publicly available on DDS’ website. All DDS staff are required to adhere to the requirements of their local Quality Management System and to be aware of the contents of this Policy.