Protein LC-MS

Supporting your large molecule bioanalysis using LC-MS

CRO for Large Molecule Analysis - Bioanalysis For Large Molecules

Over 10 year’s experience in various extraction and purification techniques to help you achieve the required levels of sample cleanliness and sensitivity.

For over a decade we have been harnessing our LC-MS competency to offer a complimentary technique for the quantitation of proteins and peptides in biological matrices. We have continued to drive the science forward, including production of peer reviewed publications and white papers, delivery of scientific presentations at major international conferences and contribution to cross-industry working groups, demonstrating the depth of our knowledge and scientific competence within the field.

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Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS Assays

We have developed and validated numerous assays for non-proprietary molecules across a broad range of species and matrices.

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Large Molecule Bioanalysis. Protein LC-MS.


Protein LC-MS Centre of Excellence

Bioanalytical Lab for Large Molecule Analysis

Why use LC-MS for the quantitation of large molecules?

  • Rapid development of assays
    • Not reliant on development of high quality, assay specific antibody reagents
    • Assay format translatable through discovery, preclinical and clinical development
  • Mass based detection adds selectivity
    • Can resolve immunoassay interference issues
  • Ability to distinguish closely related species
    • Provides structural information on the fate of the molecule
    • Bottom-up monitoring of specific surrogate peptides to inform in vivo stability of the molecule
    • Top-down analysis of intact protein using a HRMS platform
  • Complementary to immunoassay
    • Measurement of total concentration of large molecule without the need for assay specific antibody reagents
  • Capable of achieving low pM sensitivity
    • Utility of hybrid LBA/LC-MS assays to achieve high levels of sensitivity
  • Multiplexing
    • Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) enables numerous large molecules to be quantified within a single analysis

Supporting your Protein LC-MS project at Drug Development Solutions

A major challenge with LC-MS analysis of large molecules is their isolation from similar endogenous components within biological samples. We have a wealth of experience in various extraction and purification techniques to achieve the required levels of sample cleanliness and sensitivity.

We can recommend and develop robust analytical workflows tailored to your individual project, either through bottom-up proteolytic digestion or top-down intact analysis.

  • High sensitivity triple quadrupole platforms
  • HR-MS capability for intact analysis and rapid optimisation of bottom-up workflows
  • All MS systems coupled to UHPLC for fast chromatographic separations
  • Robust automated platform for bead based affinity capture

Our integrated services include:

  • Fast method development for discovery compounds
  • Method development and validation for GLP TK studies and GCP clinical trials
  • Method Development & Validation For Large Molecule Bioanalysis
  • Fast turnaround for Phase I Clinical Studies
  • Pharmacokinetic data analysis using validated software systems (e.g. WinNonlin)
  • Logistical support for clinical sample management including sample collection kit production production and supply of sampling kits, labels, investigator manual and shipping
  • Data management using LIMS or specialist software