Peptide Analysis

Our industry leading bioanalytical solutions have helped our clients develop new peptide therapeutics to improve the quality of life.

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Peptide Therapeutics

Offering high specificity and a wide range of biological targets, peptides have a long history of utilisation as therapeutics. Advances in peptide chemistry have further fuelled growth in this market, resulting in a diverse and complex set of modalities.

We are experts in offering bioanalytical solutions to clients using LC-MS/MS technology.

LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of peptides

High sensitivity methods are often required for peptide bioanalysis owing to their enhanced efficacy. Our team have developed and validated methods using LC-MS/MS to quantify levels of peptides in plasma at levels as low as 10 pg/mL.

Often the amino acid composition within peptides or their specific conjugation to other modalities can lead to undesirable binding with labware during extraction or LC-MS/MS measurement. Our team are experienced in rapidly predicting/diagnosing these issues and implementing solutions to deliver robust methodologies.

Peptides can often be susceptible to degradation, due to the presence of a wide range of endogenous peptidases. We possess experience in assessing their stability and can advise our clients on pre-analytical stabilisation techniques to control this.

Building upon this, we can implement our capabilities in High Resolution MS to identify these degradation products (metabolites) and develop methods to quantify them.

Beyond our experience with peptide bioanalysis, our dedicated LC-MS team offers integrated support from early discovery to late phase clinical trials advising you on the regulations applicable to your project.

Our integrated services for Peptides include:

  • Fast method development for discovery compounds
  • Method development and validation for GLP TK studies and GCP clinical trials
  • Fast turnaround for Phase I Clinical Studies
  • Pharmacokinetic data analysis using validated software systems (e.g. WinNonlin)
  • Logistical support for clinical sample management including sample collection kit production production and supply of sampling kits, labels, investigator manual and shipping
  • Data management using LIMS or specialist software