Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence

From early development onwards all drug candidates require solid form screening.

Recent advances in solid form science and regulatory opinion allow a wider range of forms to be considered viable and offer the prospect of optimising candidate properties for progression towards clinical use.

Our Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence supports clients in identifying optimal solid forms for development.

Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence

Materials Science Analysis Experts

The Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence builds on our expertise in Materials Science analysis to offer discovery of high quality crystalline forms of small molecule development candidates.

The centre is supported by expert and experienced materials science analysis using a wide range of analytical techniques operating to the highest quality standards.

We can support you with solid form science throughout the drug development process from candidate selection and efficient large scale synthesis through ‘fit for purpose’ formulation and toxicity studies to API and formulated drug substance manufacture.

Kim James - Solid Form Expert

“Solid form has a direct impact on dissolution and solubility, stability and ease of synthesis and processing.

“Identification of high-quality crystalline forms is fundamental to both efficient large-scale synthesis and to ensure sufficient bioavailability for efficacy and toxicity assays.

“Understanding the salt, cocrystal and polymorph landscape for a drug candidate allows the selection of the optimal form for any particular development phase and is also necessary in protection of intellectual property and for regulatory approval.

“Our team has extensive experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry. Our chemistry-led approach aims to maximise the hit-rate of viable crystalline forms whilst minimising compound required for screening.”

Solid Form Screening: Why chemistry-led design brings the greatest value to pharmaceutical development

Editorial by Kim James, Solid Form Expert, Drug Development Solutions.

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Solid Form Theory Articles

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Webinar | Solid Form Screening and Selection: From de-risking to API Optimisation - Solid Form in Early Development

Watch our on demand webinar to discover how our chemistry led approach and comprehensive analytical capability can maximise success rate in solid form discovery while minimising material and resource required.

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Our team has extensive experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

  • Efficient, chemistry led salt screening
  • Polymorph screening
  • Cocrystal design and synthesis
  • Scale up and comprehensive analysis of selected forms
  • Interpretation and recommendation

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