Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence

Our Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence builds on our expertise in Materials Science analysis to offer discovery of high quality crystalline forms of small molecule development candidates.

The centre is supported by expert and experienced materials science analysis using a wide range of analytical techniques operating to the highest quality standards.

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Solid Form Screening and Selection Centre of Excellence

Materials Science Analysis Experts

Our expertise in Materials Science analysis includes a solid form screening and selection service offering discovery of high-quality crystalline forms for small molecule drug development candidates.

Our team has extensive experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry and will use a chemistry-led approach to design the screening protocols to maximise hit rate while minimising compound requirement. Selected forms will be resynthesized and fully characterised to ensure the smoothest path into the next stage of development.

We can support you with solid form science throughout the drug development process from candidate selection and efficient large scale synthesis through ‘fit for purpose’ formulation and toxicity studies to API and formulated drug substance manufacture.

Solid Form Screening

  • Efficient, chemistry led salt screening
  • Polymorph screening
  • Cocrystal design and synthesis
  • Scale up and comprehensive analysis of selected forms
  • Interpretation and recommendation

Solid Form Characterisation

  • Powder X-ray diffraction
  • Differential scanning calorimetry
  • Optical and thermal microscopy
  • Dynamic vapour sorption
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • FT-IR
  • NMR

Typical applications and development issues addressed:

  • Discovery of crystalline forms
  • Identification of thermodynamically and chemically stable forms
  • IP extensions
  • Solid form options for neutral or weakly basic compounds
  • Hygroscopicity issues
  • Polymorph identification and control
  • Dissolution/solubility limited bioavailability
  • Hydration and solvation issues
  • Synthesis optimisation (chromatography-free purifications)


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