Bioanalytical services for biopharmaceuticals

We are industry leaders in providing integrated bioanalytical support from early discovery to late phase clinical trials recognised for our leadership in
science and technology.

The challenges in drug development means you need a laboratory partner you can trust.

With 20+ years working to GLP and GCP in one of the world’s most extensive bioanalytical facilities, our team of scientists are dedicated to providing on time, high quality data to help you make critical decisions on the safety and efficacy of your molecule.

Our Immunogenicity Centre of Excellence is built upon a wealth of experience in the development and validation of sensitive, specific, selective and drug tolerant assays to measure anti-drug antibody (ADA) responses to therapeutic protein products.

We have comprehensive capabilities for PK, immunogenicity and biomarkers that span LC-MS/MS through to immunoassay, cell and molecular biology.

Protein LC-MS – Mass spectrometry for the quantification of proteins

Our pioneering application of mass spectrometry based methodologies for the quantitation of biologicals gave rise to the Drug Development Solution’s Protein LC-MS Centre of Excellence.

Protein LC-MS provides a complementary technique to enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) enabling both top-down (analysis of intact proteins) and bottom-up (analysis of proteolytically cleaved fragments) approaches.

We understand the specific challenges of biopharmaceutical development and have a dedicated team of experts with a strong track record of solving difficult method development challenges.