Centres of Excellence

Expertise designed for you.

Our Centres of Excellence ensure we continue to drive science forward.

A key element of our strategy is to draw on our scientists unique expertise, experience and connections to develop Centres of Excellence on specialist topics that support our partners. 

The Centres foster and promote the production of peer reviewed publications and white papers, delivery of scientific presentations at major international conferences and contribution to cross-industry working groups, demonstrating the depth of our knowledge and scientific competence within the field.

Protein LC-MS
Supporting your large molecule bioanalysis using LC-MS

Over 10 year’s experience in various extraction and purification techniques to help you achieve the required levels of sample cleanliness and sensitivity.

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Immunogenicity Centre of Excellence
Immunogenicity solutions for pre-clinical and clinical assessments

Over 70+ dedicated scientists developing assays at one of Europe’s largest labs offer immunogenicity services that can be tailored to your needs.

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Biomarker Centre of Excellence
Biomarker strategy is critical to success

Our personalised biomarker solutions help drive your development to market. We have extensive experience and a robust range of biomarkers and the skills and expertise to provide you with a right-fit biomarker solution.

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Impurity and Contamination Centre of Excellence
Supports regulatory CMC compliance of drug substance and drug product development, solving issues at all stages of manufacture.

Our dedicated analytical teams routinely perform a wide range of impurity and contamination testing.

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