Solid Form Theory Articles

Read our solid form screening and selection theory articles the find out how we can support you with your solid form screening requirements.


Salt Screening and Selection in Drug Discovery and Development.

Where a candidate molecule has one or more ionisable centres, salt screening can be a key step in drug development. Dramatic improvements in solubility and bioavailability in biological media have been achieved without the need for more complicated formulation options. Drug Development Solutions can perform one or more salt screens to accomplish this in conjunction with other desirable properties for an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) or Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) such as solubility, stability and handleability.

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Polymorph Screening Services in Pharmaceutical Compounds

Drug Development Solutions can perform screens to investigate and understand the solid-state polymorphism associated with your compound. Using a variety of techniques, we aim to identify and characterize all major polymorphic forms as well as any hydrates and the potential for solvation of your API.

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Cocrystal Screening and Selection

At Drug Development Solutions we offer cocrystal screening.

We provide a cocrystal screen for sponsors for a number of reasons, including, Dissolution rate/ solubility, Crystallinity, Novelty, Hydration issues, Stability, and other processability.

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Crystallisation Development

Often when an API enters into development the solid form is not crystalline. We offer an extensive crystallisation service to assist you with your crystallisation and screening and deliver a scalable solution.

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