Pharmacokinetics: Area under the curve calculations

Blog - The area under the concentration vs time curve is a useful description of exposure of drug following administration. There are different ways in which AUC may be calculated, and terminology may vary from one source or text to another. This page summarises the calculations and terminology that may be encountered.

03 January 2022
Claire, Bioanalytical scientist

Blog - Meet one of our scientists. Claire is a bioanalytical scientist

06 August 2021
The use and applications of PhosphoFlow

Blog - In this infographic, we explore the applications of a flow cytometry-based technique, termed Phosphoflow, for multiplex biomarker analysis and how it can be utilized in a cell-based environment to provide information on a functional and biological level.

12 May 2021
The benefits of HRMS compared to QqQ

Blog - This infographic explores top tips to prolong periods between instrument cleans, compare cleaning times for QqQ and QToF platforms and provide an assessment of robustness, with a focus on sensitivity level and mass accuracy. Finally, it presents common trends to be aware of when the QToF platform has become contaminated and requires cleaning.

07 April 2021
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the CRO

Blog - In this video, we look at the benefits and challenges of high res mass spectrometry for the CRO.

08 January 2021
Drug Development Solutions offers regulated bioanalysis on the SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600 High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry platform

News - Drug Development Solutions is pleased to announce the extension of its regulated bioanalytical LC-MS service through the implementation of a high-resolution mass spectrometer, the SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600 LC-MS/MS System.

25 November 2020
Nitrosamine impurities: How our experts are protecting public health against carcinogens

Blog - AMS Science Lead Mike Ludlow explains the dangers associated with nitrosamines and how his team protects people from overexposure to possible carcinogens found in medications

01 June 2020